CoRE Information

Clinical/care scientific leader: Prof. Dr. F Barkhof (VUmc)
Technical scientific leader: Prof. Dr. TG Van Leeuwen (AMC)
Managerial leader: Prof. Dr. AA Lammertsma (VUmc)
Contact:Dr. JC De Munck (VUmc)  at email:

Management team

  • Prof. Dr. F Barkhof (VUmc)
  • Prof. Dr. ML Groot (VU)
  • Prof. Dr. WJ Buma (UVA)
  • Dr. Ir TJC Faes (VUmc)
  • Prof. Dr. UA van der Heide (NKI/AvL)
  • Ir H.J.C. Klijsen (IXA)
  • Prof. Dr. AA Lammertsma (VUmc)
  • Prof. Dr. TG van Leeuwen (AMC)
  • Dr. JC De Munck (VUmc)
  • Dr. Ir A.J. Nederveen (AMC)
  • Prof. Dr. Ir RM Verdaasdonk (VU/VUmc)
  • Dr. Ir H Vrenken (VUmc)


Founding Partners

The founding partners of iQ are the Academic Medical Center (AMC) and Faculty of Sciences of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AVL), the VU Medical Center (VUmc) and Faculty of Sciences of the VU University Amsterdam (Fig. 1). The partners are national referral centers for many diseases and have complementary knowledge and infrastructure


Project partners

Avantes BV, BrainLab, Cyclotron BV, DEMCON Advanced Mechatronics BV, Elekta, Forensic Technologies BV, Luminostix BV, Personal Space Technologies, Philips, Sigma Screening.