iQ Project Overview


IMDI-funded projects


Title:             Quantitative PET/MR: improving MR based attenuation correction
Pls:                  R Boellaard
Partners:        VUmc, AMC, Philips
Start date:      01-03-14
Spomnsors:    ZonMW
Summary:      A combined PET/MR device has the benefit for the patient that it is a “one stop shop”.  Moreover functional information, such receptor binding are directly mapped onto the patient’s anatomy. To unlock these potential advantages technological expertise on both PET and MRI needs to be combined in order to be able to determine tracer concentrations quantitatively without CT information.


Title:             Progressive Hippocampus Outlining Tool Using Expert Input  
Pls:                  JC De Munck, H Vrenken, MB van Herk
Partners:        VUmc, NKI
Start date:      01-03-14
Sponsors:       ZonMW
Summary:      A shrinking hippocampus is correlated with age and the development of Alzheimer when shrink is enhanced. At present this knowledge is only usable in clinical trials where new drugs are tested. For daily clinical routine, the present hippocampus delineation tools are much too time consuming to be of practical use. Therefore, a new semi-automatic delineation tool will be developed to segment subcortical structures from anatomical MRI scans, with a primary focus in the hippocampus.


Title:             Advanced optical imaging of the oesophagus during cancer therapy
Pls:                  MB van Herk
Partners:        AMC, NKI
Start date:      01-03-14
Sponsors:       ZonMW
Summary:      Patients with lung cancer undergoing radiation therapy often suffer from serious side effects such as the impairment of the oesophagus. In this project, a novel optical imaging technique (Optical Coherence Tomography) will be further developed and applied to monitor this impairment and optimize therapy.


Title:             Sense, zoom and specify  
Pls:                  TG van Leeuwen
Partners:        AMC, NKI
Start date:      01-03-14
Sponsors:       ZonMW
Summary:      Setting diagnosis in lung cancer or bladder cancer requires biopsies to be taken and analyzed offline. This is a in inconvenient procedure for the patient and many false negative samples are taken. By combining different optical techniques on one probe, it will become possible to sense (fluorescence), zoom in (OCT) and specify (Raman spectroscopy) the tissue before taking a biopsy leading to a much higher sensitivity.


Title:             Picturing the perfect cut and beam in brain tumor therapy using probability maps 
Pls:                  P de Witt Hamer, F Barkhof, JC de Munck, MB van Herk
Partners:        VUmc, AMC, NKI
Start date:      01-03-15
Sponsors:       ZonMW, KWF
Summary:      An image data base is constructed that is filled with (warped) structural MRI, rested areas, applied radio therapy and patient outcome. Using advanced statistical techniques, relationships between these data items are derived that provide evidence based best practices for neuro surgery and radiotherapy for patients with glioma.


Title:             Multimodality and multi-parametric PET/MRI analysis for enhancing diagnosis, prognosis and response prediction in advanced stage head    and neck cancer
Pls:                  R Boellaard
Partners:        VUmc, AMC, Philips
Start date:      01-03-15
Sponsors:       ZonMW
Summary:      A reliable predictor of outcome after chemoradiation is needed to select HNSCC patients with resectable tumors who are likely to benefit from nonsurgical treatment. In this project procedures and software will be developed to multimodality imaging and multiparametric analysis methods of PET/MRI examinations in HNSCC patients with the ultimate goal of enhancing diagnostic accuracy and predictive outcome.



Non-IMDI funded projects


Title:             IMI QuickConcept   
Pls:                  OS Hoekstra, R Boellaard
Partners:        IMI quickconcept consortium
Start date:      01-09-11
Sponsors:       EU
Summary:      Quantitative Imaging in Cancer: Connecting Cellular Processes with Therapy: validation of FLT as imaging biomarker for response assessment.


Title:             FP7 project INMiND 
Pls:                  AA Lammertsma (at VUmc)
Partners:        VUmc, 21 academic groups and 6 SMEs throughout Europe
Start date:      01-03-12
Sponsors:       EU
Summary:      Development of quantitative procedures for measuring neuroinflammation.


Title:             Malaysian PhD training programme  
Pls:                  R Boellaard
Partners:        VUmc, Malaysian government
Start date:      01-09-12
Sponsors:       Malaysian government
Summary:      Training of a Malaysion PhD student in tracer kinetic modelling and quantitative PET data analysis.


Title:             STW iMIT project FIBER  
Pls:                  HJCM Sterenborg, TG van Leeuwen
Partners:        AMC, TUD, TNO, Avantes, Luminostixs
Start date:      01-10-13
Sponsors:       STW
Summary:      Evalaution of the mechanical properties of fiber on the measured physiological parameters with minimally invasive instruments.


Title:             STW iMIT project PROSPECT
Pls:                  DJ Faber, HJCM Sterenborg, TG van Leeuwen
Partners:        AMC, Luminostixs,Nucletron
Start date:      01-10-13
Sponsors:       STW
Summary:      Integration of OCT and reflectance spectroscopy with minimally invasive instruments for optical biosy of the prostate.


Title:             STW iMIT project LASER
Pls:                  DJ Faber, HJCM Sterenborg, TG van Leeuwen
Partners:        AMC, TUD, LUmc,  Luminostixs, Hemolab
Start date:      01-10-13
Sponsors:       STW
Summary:      Integration of spectroscopic and laser device for controlled coagualtion of blood vessels.


Title:             STW iMIT project OBAMA
Pls:                  DJ Faber en M Groot
Partners:        AMC, VU, Hemolab, Innoluce, Deam en Philips
Start date:      01-10-13
Sponsors:       STW
Summary:      Integration of optical techniques (OCT, multi-photon imaging and reflectance spectroscopy) with minimally invasive instruments for optical and functional mapping of the bladder.


Title:             QIBA FDG PET/CT Field testing 
Pls:                  R Boellaard
Partners:        VUmc, Duke, Seattle, John Hopkins
Start date:      01-11-13
Sponsors:       RSNA
Summary:      Testing of PET/CT equipment compliance with QIBA profile specifications.


Title:             Quantitative image analysis from microscopic three photon images
Pls:                  JC De Munck, ML Groot
Partners:        VUmc, VU
Start date:      01-01-14
Sponsors:       CAS
Summary:      Three photon microscopy is a novel imaging technique by which structural images can be made from tissue samples without the need to add contrast agents. Therefore this technique has great potentials to optimize clinical logistics when used in the operating theatre. One of the problems to be solved is to extract quantitative information from these images in order to be able to classify tissue samples.


Title:            Optical Biopsy of Kidney Cancer
Pls:                  DM de Bruin, MP Laguna, JJ de la Rosette, TG van Leeuwen
Partners:        AMC, VUmc
Start date:      01-01-14
Sponsors:       ZonMW,KWF
Summary:      Optical biopsy using OCT and DPS to differentiate benign from malignant tissue and to subdifferentiate malignant subtypes.


Title:             Volumetric optical coherence tomography of Upper urinary Tract Carcinoma
Pls:                  DM de Bruin, MP Laguna, JJ de la Rosette, TG van Leeuwen
Partners:        AMC
Start date:      01-01-14
Sponsors:       CFC Foundation
Summary:      Endoscopic 3D visualization and differentiation of UUTC using helical scanning OCT where image features and quantitative scattering analysis is correlated with pathology.


Title:             Shining Light on Prostate Cancer
Pls:                  DM de Bruin, MP Laguna, JJ de la Rosette, TG van Leeuwen
Partner:          AMC
Start date:      01-01-14
Sponsors:       CFC Foundation
Summary:      Needle based OCT using quantitative analysis and image feature detection of prostate cancer.


Title:             PET imaging for routine clinical use
Pls:                  AA Lammertsma
Partners:        VUmc, Avid
Start date:      01-04-14
Sponsors:       Avid
Summary:      Development of tracer kinetic models and simplified methods for analysis of F-18 labelled amyloid tracers.


Title:             Accurate EEG source localisation using patient tailored head models
Pls:                  JC De Munck, G Kwakkel, F vd Helm
Partners:        VUmc, TU Delft
Start date:      01-06-14
Sponsors:       ERC
Summary:      The goal of this project is to develop fast and accurate methods to construct tailor made head models for EEG based source localisation. Small currents are injected into EEG electrodes and skull conductivities are estimated from resulting potential distribution. Electrode positions are determined with stereo video camera.


Title:             STW MEMPHIS en CANCER-ID projects on EV diagnostics by Raman spectroscopy  
Pls:                  TG van Leeuwen
Partners:        AMC, TUD, UT, Lionix, Xiophotonics, Hybriscan, WLN
Start date:      01-07-14
Sponsors:       STW
Summary:      Integrated optical chips will be developed for the detection and characterization of vesicles that are secreted by cells.


Title:             Movember GAP2 Projext: FDHT
Pls:                  OS Hoekstra (PI at VUmc), Tim Marcus (VUmc), Maqsood Yaqub (VUmc), Cristina Lavini (AMC)
Partners:        VUmc, AMC, Sloan Kettering, Royal Marsden, Austin hospital
Start date:      01-07-14
Sponsors:       Movember
Summary:      The aims of this project are to define the performance characteristics of FDHT in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, which involves full quantitative modelling of FDHT and comparison of FDHT uptake with MRI measures.


Title:             Memorabel project Tau imaging with [18F]T807 PET: the new frontier
Pls:                  BNM van Berckel
Partners:        VUmc, UMCU, Utwente, ErasmusMC
Start date:      01-01-15
Sponsors:       ZonMw
Summary:      Development of a novel tau tracer (including assessment of the optimal tracer kinetic model) and evaluation of its diagnostic value.


Title:             STW CANCER-ID project EV diagnostics by liquid tunable Coulter flowcytometry
Pls:                  TG van Leeuwen, FA Coumans
Partners:        AMC, Exometry, BD Biosciences, Excytex
Start date:      01-04-15
Sponsors:       STW
Summary:      Integration of coulter counter techniques with flow cytometry.



Title:             Hand-held spectrometry and multispectral imaging for forensic and medical applications.
Pls:                  M Aalders ,
Partners:       AMC, TU Delft, Anteryon BV, Cosine BV, Forensic Technical Solutions BV
Start date:      01-01-11
Sponsors:       Agentschap
Summary:      Image-guided photodynamic therapy based on novel photosensitizers and upconversion nanomaterials.


Title:           Diagnosis of vital tumor tissue by OCT and MRI in retinoblastoma patients  
Pls:              A.C. Moll, J.F. de Boer, P. de Graaf
Partners:      VU, VUmc
Start date:    4-1-2013
Sponsors:     KiKa
Summary:    To detect vital retinoblastoma tumor tissue by OCT and MRI for early diagnosis and in follow-up to determine the optimal treatment for each patient


Title:            Quantitative in-vivo characterization of optical properties of ocular tissue for diagnosis and monitoring of  chorioretinal diseases
Pls:              J.F. de Boer, K.A. Vermeer, M. van Veldhoven, L.J. van Vliet
Partners:      VU, ROI, TU Delft
Start date:    7-1-2013
Sponsors:     ZonMW
Summary:     Development of techniques to quantitatively assess various optical properties of the retina and its separate layers, thereby providing information about the health status of the retina


Title:            Q-ROI – Quantitative disease characterization and Retinal tracking in Ophthalmic Imaging   
Pls:              J.F. de Boer, K.A. Vermeer
Partners:      VU, ROI
Start date:    7-1-2013
Sponsors:     STW, Industry
Summary:     We aim to develop quantitative methods based on Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and tracking technology to study the retinal layers in ophthalmology.


Title:           An eye to the brain, Amyliod detection in the retina 
Pls:               J.F. de Boer, F. Barkhof
Partners:      VU, VUmc
Start date:    1-1-2014
Sponsors:     NCA
Summary:     Early Alzheimer detection and staging


Title:           OptoMechanical NanoElastography (OMNE): Looking at biological tissues with a gentle touch
PIs:      D. Iannuzzi, S. Gibbs, J.F. de Boer, M. Helder, P. van Zuijlen
Partners:     VU, VUmc
Start date:    7-1-2014
Sponsors:     STW, Industry
Summary:     Optomechanical elastography


Title:          In vivo optical detection of Amyloid Beta plaques in the human retina 
Pls:              J.F. de Boer, F.D. Bouman, F.H. Verbraak, M de Groot
Partners:      VU, VUmc
Start date:    1-1-2015
Sponsors:     ISAO
Summary:     Develop a system and method for non-invasive early diagnosis and monitoring of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) by optical detection of amyloid beta (Aβ) plaques in the retina


Title:          Imaging the Retina for Early Alzheimer Diagnosis (I-READ) 
Pls:              J.F. de Boer, F.D. Bouman, F.H. Verbraak, G.J. Groeneveld, M de Groot
Partners:      VU, VUmc
Start date:    1-1-2015
Sponsors:     STW, Industry
Summary:     Develop a method for non-invasive depth resolved optical detection of targetted fluorescent beta plaques in the retina


Title:          Preclinical Intraoperative Image-Guided Surgery and Postoperative Radiotherapy of Tumours
Pls:              H. Zhang, C. Lowik
Partners:      UvA, LUMC, Percuros B.V., TECObiosciences GmbH
Start date:    1-9-2015
Summary:     Our goal is to develop targeted interventional strategies for treatment of cancer by employing a bioorthogonal chemical reaction upon upconversion nanoparticles during surgery. The benefit is that radionuclides would only target tumour cells so the patient does not suffer side-effects.


Title:          3D pathology
Pls:              DM de Bruin, HA Marquering, TG van Leeuwen
Partners:      In NL: Philips, AMC, Prodrive Technologies, PS-Tech, Target Holding, TU Eindhoven, Universiteit Maastricht. International collaboration will exist with groups in Belgium, France, Romania, Finland, Korea and Taiwan.
Start date:    1-10-2015
Sponsors:     ITEA
Summary:     ‘3D Pathology’ will bring spectroscopic and morphological imaging techniques as high-throughput resources to the clinicians, giving them quantified 3D views of biopsies through a fully digitized pathology pipeline. This will enable personalized diagnostics and prognostics by combining high-resolution morphology and broad multi-scale molecular insight. The project’s goal is to bring the pathological analysis from lengthy exercises of 10 hours to relevant diagnostic time and presentation of 30 minutes.


Title:          Development of calibrated brain atrophy rate measurement in MS
Pls:              H. Vrenken, F. Barkhof
Partners:      VUmc
Start date:    1-8-2015
Sponsors:     Industry
Summary:     Development of a standardized method to quantify brain atrophy in multiple sclerosis.


Title:          IBISSA: Image Based MRI Shear Stress Assessment
Pls:              A.J. Nederveen, J.J. Wentzel (Erasmus MC)
Partners:      AMC, Erasmus MC, Gyrotools, LifeTec Group, Philips
Start date:    1-9-2011
Sponsors:     STW
Summary:     In this project we develop a method for volumetric wall shear stress assessment based on MR 4D flow data. We will utilize the newly developed WSS algorithm in various patient populations, namely patients with atherosclerotic disease, patients with unruptured aneurysms, and patients with congenital heart defects. Completion of this study will result in technically and clinically validated technology to measure the wall shear stress in complex flow geometries.


Title:          PLAQMR: Automated Carotid Plaque Analysis from Quantitative MRI
Pls:              A.J. Nederveen, S. Klein (Erasmus MC), R.J. van der Geest (LUMC)
Partners:      AMC, Erasmus MC, LUMC, Merck, Machnet, Medis
Start date:    1-9-2011
Sponsors:     STW
Summary:     For risk assessment of carotid atherosclerotic plaque rupture, accurate measurements of the spatial distribution of calcium, hemorrhage, lipids and fibrous tissue within the plaque are necessary. In this research project, we will develop image analysis tools for automated quantitative plaque composition measurements using MRI. In contrast to previous research, we consider the entire pipeline: from acquisition to image analysis.


Title:          Advanced 4D Flow MRI for Hemodynamic Characterization of Congenital Heart Disease
Pls:              A.J. Nederveen, G.J. Strijkers, H.A. Marquering, S.M. Boekholdt
Partners:      AMC
Start date:    1-9-2015
Sponsors:     STW, Philips, Pie Medical
Summary:     Diagnosis, risk stratification and treatment of congenital heart diseases (CHD) benefit from quantitative knowledge of abnormal blood flow patterns in the heart. 4D Flow magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can measure time-resolved three-dimensional blood flow direction and velocity in the whole heart. However, current protocols provide insufficient spatial and temporal resolution to derive hemodynamic parameters. We will develop novel MRI methods that provide high spatial and temporal resolution in a clinically feasible scan time based on the latest imaging techniques. Additionally, we will develop software for quantitative analysis of advanced hemodynamic parameters.


Title:          Early diagnosis and prevention of pressure related deep tissue injury
Pls:              A.J. Nederveen, G.J. Strijkers, C.W.J. Oomens (TUe)
Partners:      AMC, TUe, Trinity College Dublin
Start date:    1-9-2011
Sponsors:     STW, Adelante, FBGS, QCare, Hill Rom
Summary:     In this project, methods for monitoring and early diagnosis of deep pressure ulcers will be developed. Monitoring is primarily done by means of Magnetic Resonance Imaging modalities. We hypothesize that quantitave assessment of muscle status using relaxometry, DTI and MR elastography will reveal the onset of decubitis in an early stage.


Title:          The role of tumor microenvironment of pancreatic cancer to predict treatment outcome
Pls:              H.W. van Laarhoven, A.J. Nederveen, M.F. Bijlsma, C.J.A. Punt
Partners:      AMC, Erasmus MC
Start date:    1-6-2013
Sponsors:     KWF
Summary:     The primary aim of this study is to assess whether DWI, DCE-MRI and 18F-HX4-PET/CT predict overall survival in patients with pancreatic cancer treated with surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy or with neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy, surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy. In this context quantitative MRI sequences for IVIM and DCE are developed and validated.