Mission Statement

The mission of Institute QuantiVision is to develop medical imaging devices, software and protocols to enhance the efficiency, efficacy and economy of healthcare in the Netherlands, with focus on oncology and neurology. In particular, starting from clinical questions, Institute QuantiVision will develop high quality medical devices and protocols for quantitative analysis and integration of images at microscopic and macroscopic scale in order to improve diagnosis and therapy.
Healthcare improveĀ­ment will be achieved by increasing diagnostic sensitivity, improving disease monitoring, improving localization of therapy, and improving evaluation of response to therapy.
To complete our mission, we aim to:

  • enable better, faster, and more affordable diagnosis and monitoring of patients.
  • improve therapeutic imaging support and enable image-guided optical biopsies that are more reliable, time-efficient, less invasive than standard tissue biopsies.
  • develop sophisticated data reduction and feature extraction methods, so that healthcare professionals can make optimal use of all available data without suffering from data overflow.
  • disseminate developed knowledge by education and devices and protocols in collaboration with industry, both nationally and internationally.